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Finally.. i'm ill, i have a flu and it turns me into a shit! :lol: i'm so tired and irritable. i hope i will feel better soon...

Today we made a 2h30 queue for buying our tickets for the Placebo gig of saturday. It will be in a small room and only 1200 person could enter. Something like a private show case and i didn't want to miss that!
It's been 10 years that i'm a fan of this band, even if they're too commercial for me now, i stay faithful and devoted. They're not my favourite band anymore, only one of them ;)
I hope i could see Negative and My chemical romance in france once but i'm not too hopefull, it's possible for MCR but i guess i will have to travel to see NGT... it's not my priority for now...
I'm happy to go to a rock gig again, i missed it.

Coria lost this last night... hope he won't tell it's Gaston's fault :lol: :devil:
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