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such a long time since i posted in here!
I've caught a very bad cold in Switzerland this week-end, i have fever and i'm tired like hell! I even fell asleep at work this morning! :lol: I couldn't believe it!

However, it seems to be my lucky period, february is pretty lucky till now, i could see David a lot in DC whereas i didn't expect to see him somewhere else than on the players' seats!
i start to believe i have a chance to see him and Lleyton in Marseille! :angel: I hope i will recover a bit till this week-end cause it's not easy to drive when you're so tired... We'll see...

Obviously i'm still sad because of what is happening with Gaston, and as usually everybody laugh at him whereas he's lost and depressed, so It's even worst for me. I hope he will be able to do something better in BA next week.
Fortunately, my sweet Hugo is here to make me smile, i think i've never had such luck in my life :lol: I realize how much it's ridiculous but this kind of things always happens to other people, never to me, so i enjoy it even more ;)
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