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I'm passing all classes thus far. This is what I need-and want-as I finish out my final semester and get ready for student teaching in the spring.

Some minor housekeeping details as I work toward my goals:

1. Find out where my placement will be. I requested my hometown, but you know how that goes. You tell the coordinators one thing; they do another. Once that's determined....

2. Speak with the principal and my cooperating teacher. I want to get to know their teaching philosophies, their goals. Ideally, I would like to meet with them in December-or even next month-before I walk into the student teaching experience.


3. Browse the high school and local library websites to check out what students are reading...and read a couple of them over the Christmas break.

Oh, yeah....and celebrate. I began celebrating after I took the tests by buying myself a few new outfits and some shoes. When I found out I passed, I got flowers from my sorors and congratulations from co-workers. Now that everything's OK, I'm going to rest....and "enjoy" this really bad weather. :)
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