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Well well well, where to start...

I went back to savestheday91s blog, what a let down. All that early blogging of sexual longing to histrionics over basketball. Basketball seriously??? Come on Jess give the public what it wants :p

So back to me,

I just dropped yuppy puppy off at day care. Doggy day care is a money making machine. 25 bucks a day, and they have like 50 dogs in there minimum each day, open 6 days a week do the math. She's still small so they put her in what they call puppy day care which basically is other pups and bitch dogs like yorkies etc. Cord rules puppy day care with an iron fist and her burberry collar. I also got her a collar with giraffes, cows and lions on it but she's a rotti you can see the shame in her eyes when I put that on her. And I realize that kinda talk doesnt make me sound like the straightest dude ever but bite me my pups cute I make her look cuter. We wont get into her beckham jersey

Talked to my sister today, shes travelling abroad for the next 2 months. She's in mumbai (bombay) right now and having a blast. She'll be in Goa within the next couple days. I was supposed to go on the trip with her but I got a work offer in Montreal that I couldn't turn down that starts mid november so that screwed that up. She tells me diamonds are cheap as hell down there and shes a diamond fiend so for all you ladies who want cheap diamonds indias your place. It was good to talk to her.

My last item of business for todays blog...i've decided that I'm going to start a real estate empire. I've seen the morons on property ladder, if they can flip houses and make money while being morons I should be a lock to be rich as the biggest moron of them all. First item of business hire a sexy ass sales team, no men. Send resumes if you're interested, skill set required, good looks, a good sense of style, and low self esteem. Interview process may include the real estate version of the casting couch :p

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Quote: Interview process may include the real estate version of the casting couch.

What's that? Doin' it in every room? Hehe.

I don't think we've hit every closet yet...but we've got plenty of time. ;-)

Keep us posted on what you're up to.

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