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been away 5 days and it has been a tad interesting :lol: gotta love work related drama, anyway i kept my blog up while i was away so here it is....

Wednesday, December 23rd
Wahooooo i finally got the apartment!! :woohoo:

I love the view out my windows, this is so much better then looking at another building. :p

Thursday, December 22nd
spent a good part of the day unpacking, it is amazing how much stuff i don't have. I mean i knew about the big things - no couch, no tv, no table, no chairs - but there is tons of little shit that i don't have either. Today i bought a new shower curtain, the thingies that attach the shower curtain to the rod, a bath mat, trash can and silverware holder. None of those things are expensive by themselves but all together it adds up. I think i spent $100 today alone and i haven't even bought food yet :eek:

Still can't seem to sleep. I don't think i've had more then 4 hours total since last Sunday. You would think that working 10 hour days and then carry stuff for another 2 or 3 hours would wear me out enough that i could fall asleep *sigh* ah well, such is my life.

Friday, December 23rd
Talked to Markus for a while on break last night, he is one of the bosses (he is the boss of the backroom so while he is a boss, he isn't my boss lol hopefully that makes sense.) He seems to think that one of the 'drama people' will get fired soon. I guess Chris, James and he are just sick of it, not that i blame them, i'm sick of it. I don't think that 1 firing is going to help though, there are just too many people involved in this. I told Markus that i was going to write a book about all of this, he just laughed.

Spent 4 hours moving stuff in and then went and bought $100 worth of groceries. Didn't unpack anything, i figure it can wait till tomorrow and the 25th. not like i'll be doing anything on those days and i can't get into my storage on those days. still haven't found my plates so i'm stuck with microwave food, not that it is hurting me that much since i dug out my spices and can tinker with the micro-meals to make them taste better lol

I do wish i had my bed :sad: i just can't sleep on the floor. I think i might have gotten 2 hours of sleep despite being dead tired. :yawn:

Saturday, December 24th
Josh said something to me really odd today. We (and a shitload of other people) were in the backroom and one of the dayshift guys was whining about having to go open presants. :rolleyes: So i told him that he could drop them off at my place since i was alone. Then Josh looked at me, grinned and said something like Markus can come over then. But before i could ask him what that meant too many people showed up and wanted through the space that i was at. He seemed to be impling that Markus likes me but... :shrug: who knows with Josh, he is a smartass thru & thru but then again Markus did sit with me during 2 of the 3 breaks so maybe Josh knows something i don't.

Not that i can really date Markus, bosses can't date employees without them shipping one of the people to a differant store. I don't really care to be moved to a differant store just so i can date a guy. Not really sure if Markus is the kind of guy i want anyway, not that i know much about him other then he like Notre Dame, likes/plays hockey and drinks too much oh and he knows lots of funny stories. I laughed my ass off at lunch. I suppose lunch could be what Josh is refering to - while he, Allie & Terry had a bitchfest, Markus and i sat there and talked and pretty much ignored them. I have no desire to be dragged into the drama again and Markus is more than sick of it.

i finally found my dishes! :banana: i'd been loooking for them so i could eat lol I had found my good stonewear dishes but those can't go thru the dishwasher so i'm glad i found the dishes. They were tucked in one of the tubs with clothes so they couldn't get broken. Other then that i didn't do much, didn't have to work tonight so i sat home bored out of my mind.

Sunday, December 25th
7am - Merry Christmas! Not that is feels, or looks, like Christmas. No snow, it is fairly warm outside and i don't have anything remotely christmasee up. lol maybe i should decorate the pineapple i bought :haha:

Don't have to work tonight either, i hate having 2 days in a row off. Maybe if i had a life it wouldn't bother me or if i had internet, but i have neither so here i sit bored out of my mind unable to do anything cause everything is closed for christmas :sad: Not that there is much to do at 7 in the morning :lol:

1pm - I hate church bells :mad: all freaking day (and yesterday too) i've listened to them, every hour, on the hour they go off for a minute. Don't they realize that some of us like to sleep?!?! there is going to be a christmas day massacre if this keeps up :fiery:

4pm - :woohoo: I got mail :banana: actually i got mail yesterday but i forgot to check it lol i was begining to think i wasn't going to get any mail :lol: hmmm lets see what i have...
-a welcome letter for the phone company -- lame!
-a birthday card from my Aunt Gloria :p
-a christmas card from Aunt Gloria :lol:
-a christmas card from my cousin Bonnie (omg her kids are getting soooo big :eek: )
-a christmas presant from Bob, Sarah & Tommy... geesh my bother just doesn't know me lol not that this is a suprise or anything but... lol my lovely gift was a shirt from the college he works at.... and it is white *yuck* i don't wear white but i suppose Sarah bought it and Sarah knows absolutely nothing about me so :shrug: atleast it isn't christmas ornaments :lol: i think i would have rather gotten a new pic of Tommy :eek:

Monday, December 26th
Moved some more stuff today, other then that i haven't done much. I need to drop off my deposit but i need it to be a money order and none of the banks are open today (lazy bums) so i can't cash my check :mad:

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Markus again :scared: :scratch: I think i'll probably have more luck with him then i will with Josh. Josh seems to be interested in Allie even though she has a boyfriend. If nothing else it would be nice to get out of this apartment and go somewhere with someone even if i can't date him.

Tuesday, December 27th
well i think i can cross both Josh & Markus off my list, Josh told us today that he had decided to quit drinking but that he would never quit smoking *gross* i also found out that he is pretty involved in church so there is no way we would ever get along, not to mention the way he looks at Allie. They came in from their smoke break just hanging on each other, they looked very cute together. although Terry told me that she thinks Josh & I would look cute together and was planning on trying to get us together. I think we (terry & i) need to get Allie to dump her loser boyfriend and go with Josh instead. As for Markus he chews *nasty* which i think is worse then smoking.

Went and open a checking account here :yawn: that was the highlight of my day, well that and getting the phone line hooked up so i am suppose to have internet at 8pm tonight *crosses fingers* i may try it earlier and see if it works :lol: damn internet addiction

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i want an autographed copy of that book when you've got it written. and one of that genealogy book you're going to write. even if it's going to bore me to tears reading it. i can just put it on my shelf and make it look pretty lol... NIIICEEEE view outdoors! :D beats looking at rooftops in iowa ;)

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WELCOME BACK NICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kiss: :hug. :smooch: :hug:
Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hearts: :inlove:
LOL Jiat, who knows, the geneaology book might be interesting too. :lol:
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