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I'm back to reality.. Holidays are gone too fast.

Lyon tournament was hard to survive, too much emotions for me, i don't mean only tennis, but personnal reasons.. Gaston played well against Clement, then on tuesday, he played double with Mariano Puerta, and it was a joke match, both of them were laughing all te time :)
I saw him training on wednesday but even if his training was good, he just didn't want to play against Monfils. I was angry against him, now it's ok.

I came back from Bercy this morning, i didn't have slept a lot and i'm really tired...I have a lot to tell about the Bercy trip but i'm not in the mood to writte about that. .Check out the Massu and Gonzo forums ;)

I feel alone, i already miss tennis i guess... I hope Gaston will win tonight to make me smile again.. and, why not, dreaming of a semi-finale where i will be able to go.
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