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Iggy says hello

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So...hello there, people.

I think I've figured out how most things work here - although I do have one question to ask, though:

What does a yellow light mean?
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Hello! :wavey:

Welcome here!
Welcome! a yellow light? well.. i don't know.. sorry! anyway, have fun over here!!!
Thank you for the welcomes.

Sorry if I confused you, Denisse, when I asked "what does a yellow light mean?" it was in a reference to a scene from the sitcom "Taxi" which aired from 1978-1983. It's an American sitcom about cabbies working at the Sunshine Cab Company and the actor Christopher Lloyd was a regular from season two onwards as the spaced-out ex-hippie Reverend Jim Ignatowski. There's a memorable scene in the season two episode "Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey" where Jim is taking his driver's test and the other cabbies are standing nearby. Jim gets stuck on the first question and hisses, "Psst! What does a yellow light mean?" One of the cab-drivers, Bobby, replies, "Slow down." Jim, however, doesn't realise that Bobby is telling him the answer, and thinks that he is telling him to slow down instead, so says, "Okay. What...does...a...yellow...light...mean?" Bobby replies, more emphatically, "Slow down!" Jim misunderstands again and asks, even more slowly, "Okay!" This is repeated several times. I don't think it looks as funny in writing, but watching it on TV was HILARIOUS! The studio audience was screaming with laughter.
hi Iggy... :wavey:
you know, there's a thread called "the cheerful insanity of psichogaucho" and a section in there called "our daily insanity"...well, one of the daily insanities was...a pic of Jim Ignatowsky... :)
Welcome :yeah:
Welcome :wavey: :kiss:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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