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In the other 3 slams, there's a clear GOAT (Djokovic AO, Nadal FO, Federer WB), but the USO will be the slam that Federer and Djokovic look back in regret, as both of them easily should have an advantage over Rafa on this surface at the 4th slam. Roger only behind 1 ahead here and Djokovic 1 behind is pretty criminal from their perspective. They both could easily have won 2-3 more here. Nadal's cashed in basically all his good chances while both Federer/Djokovic have thrown away so many chances.


USO 09- Blows a match he easily should have won vs Del Potro (Up 2-1 sets, serving to go up 2-0 sets at 30-0, etc.)
USO 10 &11- Blowing 2 MPs
USO 14- Losing to Cilic after path had been cleared for an easy slam
USO 15- Terrible BP conversion final
USO 17- Comes in injured with a decimated field
USO 19- Another great chance but loses to Dimitrov


USO 12- Loses to Slamless Windray
USO 13- 3rd set choke
USO 14- Losing to pigeon Nishikori
USO 16- Easiest draw ever but loses to Wawrinka from a set up
USO 19- Injury as clear favorite
USO 20- default

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It's not over yet mate.
But at the moment we have 3 goats 馃悙 in the open era in NY.
Nole losing 5 finals here is a travesty, along with Ivan Lendl.
Nole has to win it next year though,

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USO 2017: insane luck with an all-time high draw, Djokovic missing, Federer slightly injured
USO 2019: Djokovic injured, Federer too, first time finalist chokes in 5th set

That could have been 2 less, your gloating is not justified.
It ain't over till it's over.
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Yeah fedovic choked there more than a few times but Nadal getting some criminally suspicious cupcake draws is the main reason for him being 1 ahead and 1 behind

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Hard to disagree on this. Both Federer and Djokovic could have won more US Opens, while Nadal pretty much took every opportunity he got.
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