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If Horna had played badly this day, the tennis world would be different...

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In his post-match interview yesterday, Rog recognised that this loss in RG 2003 first round was the most important psychologically... since then, he lost... 17 times, and is almost invincible... Thank you Mr. Horna, or go to hell (from the people who are getting bored) !

Q. You're 183 17. What happened after the first round defeat in Roland Garros that made you decide to change your career from the way you've been playing?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, you're talking about the Horna match, right?

Q. Yeah, first round of Roland Garros. Since then you're 183 17.
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I was rather angry with myself after losing in the first round at the French because people were putting me as one of the big favorites for the tournament. I was overconfident, to be honest, on that particular match. I lost the first set, was in shock, and tried to react and lost in a tiebreaker second set. After that, it was too late, you know, to react.

I remember when I lost the first set, I told myself, for me it would be impossible to come back in this match, and if I do, I still have six matches to play. I totally broke down mentally. After that, I got a lot of criticism also, especially from Swiss press, you know, because they're the closest to me. They were saying, "Will he ever win a Grand Slam or anything?"

That, for me, was hard. So I just ignored everybody and went back to business and won Wimbledon after that. That really got it underway.
But for me, that was quite a shock lost there against Horna. I'm happy I reacted.

Q. Would you say that was the most important loss of your career?
ROGER FEDERER: Could be, yeah. I would say so.
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On the whole, this was one of his most revealing interviews.
says a lot about how open federe can be.
I doubt it.
Maybe Roger would have won Halle and Wimbleon less emphatically but he would have won them anyway.
If Horna had played badly, maybe you would have created the thread "If Federer had played badly...". Instead, this victory stays one of the greatest victiories in Horna's career. Vamos Lucho.
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Very revealing, good thing Chucho defeated him otherwise we may have not seen Roger Federer the great. Thanks
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