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We have to sign a paper at the reception desk of the school before our morning lecture, and before the one in the afternoon. They are very strict on people being late or missing classes :scared:

And this afternoon I forgot to sign in :eek: I had lunch alone (because the 2 girls I know sit with me during the lectures but then just ignore me when they leave :rolleyes:
So i went out to buy something to eat, then ate at the cafeteria near the class room, and as i had time to kill I went into the classroom to read my book. But then, before the class started, I totally forgot to go to the reception desk and sign that bloody paper :banghead:

After the class I went upstair to tell the secretary that I was there, and the girl who was sitting next to me proposed to go with me in case they wanted a witness (cuz that's the kind of evidence they could ask for i'm sure :rolleyes: ).
But the secretary said it's too late, they wrote me down as absent. Which means they'll send a letter @ my house to ask for an explanation :eek: If I don't want it to happen I have to write a letter to the director for tomorrow, to explain what happened and swear that i was there. And pray that they believe me.

Only 2 days of school and they already put me on the 'has skipped class' list :awww: great Steph. Just great :rolleyes: :retard: :eek:
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