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Hola :)

I'm back from my spanish course. Each monday, it takes me about 1 hour to go there. This week, I'm on holidays, so I was more focused during the course. When the teacher asked me questions, I gave the good replies :) It wasn't the case last week, but I was back from Madrid, a bit tired and still in Madrid :lol:

The course was about a book, we had to read, a small one, the name is "Donde esta Sonia". Well, it's not a very interesting book but it was easy to read. We made some exercises, and we learnt the "imperativo". Our teacher likes a lot grammar. So, I think that at the end of the courses, spanish grammar won't have any secrets for me :lol: It's good though. But, we'd like to learn more by listening tapes. At the moment, we only listened the tape once. Hopefully, I have the radio, spanish tv (TVE) and Fernando's speech :lol:

I put Fernando's speech in Madrid on, there are french comments, but they don't translate the full speech, so it's ok to listen his beautiful voice :lol:

This week, he's playing in Basel, he is supposed to defend his title. To be honest, I don't know if he'll be able to go to the final again, he'll be too tired. And, i don't want to see him injured for Paris.

I know I'm a bit obsessed with the Paris TMS, but I really want to see him and in a good shape. It's always tough to be the last (Paris is the last MS). I missed him in Madrid, cause when I left, he was arriving so.. bad luck for me. I couldn't stay longer. Next year, my stay in Madrid will be longer I think. I have so many places to go next year, will all my holidays, I should succeed lol

A friend told me when I was in Madrid, that Thomas Enqvist will be a father in March. Congratulations to Carine (Thomas' girlfriend) and Thomas. I'm very happy for him. We heard a lot about him during the Stockholm Open. Sad, that I couldn't be there !!

Regarding Stockholm, I won a week-end there, in a Radisson Hotel. I won a game. I had to guess the number of candies in a glass, and I wrote 100, gave my business card, and I received an email last week telling me that I won a week-end in Stockholm for two persons. I'll offer the week-end to my mother, we have been to Stockholm 6 years ago and she'd like to come back. Now, I have to know the period I can stay there !!

The year 2006 so far, has been a positive year : in tennis, in my work. I'm very happy :banana:
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