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although today, the sophomores almost made me swear off teaching forever! Overall I love to's what I know and do best. I've made some executive decisions which I think will improve my quality of instruction tremendously. And I'm sticking with it.

One thing I've decided to do is arrange the class in rows, since they cannot handle the circle thing. They are entirely too disruptive. Second, since they need more of me to help them, I'll design a study packet for chapters 3 and onward and retool chapter 1-2. When I do the packets, I'll put on them the due date and what will be expected. In short, I'll have to scaffold this class's learning; they are not ready for the independent learning yet. But I'll get them there somehow.

Fortunately, I have a handful who have read the novel and can articulate one of the characters for their diary entry today. The others, I can't wait to see WHAT they've done. I'm thinking, too, that I should revamp the whole study question approach and use it as a scaffolding tool because they're not very good at answering them independently.

Clearly, the sophomores are NOT the freshmen!!
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