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Today is a bad day, i started with an headache and it's still here :awww:

I will have to replace one more colleague tomorrow for 3 weeks, and my boss doesn't want me to make extra hours! :lol: so maybe i will buy another brain and 2 new hands ;) bosses are crazy!

and my small boss who came with me to my colleague's desk to know what WE will have to do.. WE=ME!!! He will just watch ME working! :mad:

:rolleyes: anyway it's the poor life of normal worker i guess...

another new rumor of a split between Gaston and his girlfriend, nothing new under the sun...

Another new disappointement: my Gstaad pics.. it took me a lot of time to do it but NOBODY on the GG board thanked me, i'm sure they didn't even click on it to see what's inside.. so yes i wasted my time! On the other boards, people is nicer, they are happy to see the pics and thanked me for sharing them but not in MY forum, everybody doesn't care, It's sad.. new people are sometimes thanked, but not me, it's normal maybe.... So i think i won't upload my pics from Stuttgart and Kitzbuhel. They are very cool but... I will upload those of David and turtle Massu cause i know people wait for them but not Gaston, nobody cares about him...

Fortunately, the ray of sun of my day came from Sue in my mailbox.. life is beautiful that way ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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