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Do you think it's possible that my 5 players of the day all lose today?
1 will win obviously because 2 are against each others (Nico Lapentti/Ruben Ramirez-Hidalgo) that's why i talk about Gaston in Dusseldorf and my 4 qualifers of Roland Garros...
Everybody knows that Gaston will lose against Kiefer... even me, but my heart wants to believe the contrary of course... i'm very sad and even more worried for Gaston, i never feel good when i see him like that, in a very bad period.. Moreover it makes my friend sad, and i love her so much, i just want to help her to feel better but it's hard as i feel weak for the same reason...

Hugo will start his match in 10 minutes, i guess it's a bit early for playing tennis! i wish him the best of luck, i will pray for him to wait me.. till sunday! Same for Diego.. i miss them a lot...

Still another day of work and it will come .. the gig on friday and the RG adventures... i will try to relax and have only fun there.. i want to let my problems here.
I will be glad to see Olimpo again, and all the people i already know, then meeting the Ferrer fans.. so now i won't be alone in the universe!

I try to stay focused on this trip.. but it's hard...

Vamoooooos my chicos! :hug:
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