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But of course I found something better to do: updating my blog, finally!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

It's curious how you want to blog one moment, but don't have anything to say when you are actually able to blog. :scratch:

I have quite a lot to say though. During the Christmas holidays I went to Scotland with Milan to visit Chrissay and Paul. :D It was great to finally meet them, I had a wonderful time. Thanks for everything guys. :hug: :smooch:

I was also introduced to football. :p I was taken to Celtic Park and now I know almost all the players who played that day :lol: I'm learning slowly I guess.

My dad said I took two good pictures in all. Quite an accomplishment since I know his picture standards!! :worship: me!!
Here are a couple that I have just uploaded:

Edinburgh is pretty!!!!!!!!!! :nerner:

I'm so glad we could go through with the plan, I had the best time. :) (Even if everyone was making fun of me :ras: )
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