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Nathaliia didn't like the night. Not only Gulzhan after seeing the hideous guy became more sober than a NASA rocket scientist, but also with the lights off you could have all the creepiest thoughts you normally don't have after murders commited in your room. Nathii positioned herself in a horizontal line on the bed and was counting the minutes to pass until morning. When it finally gets bright and she can go downstairs. Gulzhan didn't breathe like a person who is sleeping. She must have struggled herself. Something was telling Nathii that it was less about the crime, more about the mysterious man at the hall. Just a hotel owner - weird, but not dangerous.
- Are you thinking of that guy? - she asked naturally.
- No - Gulzhan answered as quickly as she shouldn't.


- That's fine, because I know something about him that will totally uninterest you - Nathii continued in her careless style. Of course it was obvious which "this guy" they both meant. Not Tomas, not Boredo, not any of the policemen and especially not Paul Kelly from the reception desk.
- Okay - Gulzhan pretended poorly. - Go sleep.
She changed the side of the bed. Then came back to the old one. Finally asked:
- What is that uninteresting thing on him that you know and I could never care about?

Nathii waited for it, but still gave herself some free time grining.
- I know his name. It's George W. Hitler. Yes, from THESE hotel Hitlers - she seemed amused with every word she spoke. - Not closely related to Paris Hitler but that chick is indeed in the family.
- I didn't know "Grand Hotel" belonged to the Hitlers? - the mother sat on the bed and leaned on the wall. Glancing at Natts with upgrowing interest.
- They bought it only few months ago. And Sandra told me this guy was something between a schizo and neurotic. I don't know she said it because of his looks or she had any bad experiences with him. An odd character, that is all. You probably didn't notice, but he was shouting at Sandee in the evening. So maybe it was his more "schizo" than "neurotic" day.
- Uhmmm... yeah - Gulzhan said quickly. - Will you be having any contact with miss Costea tomorrow?
- Dunno, they're changing staff I guess. Impossible she lives at the reception desk. I may try to call her.

In her mind, Nathaliia pat her forehead. She will have to go to the reception, ask somebody for Sandra's number, call Sandra, wait for hell knows how long, the new receptionist might be a pain in the ass, Sandra might not answer, so Nathaliia will have to try again later, etc., etc. Unnecessary stuff. But that's fun to see how much her mom is uninterested in mister George W. Hitler and his lovely facey.

In the dawn, Nathii managed to fall asleep. It was already something close to 9 a.m. and when she opened the eyes, she saw a worried Gulzhan's face above. The much-telling ("You promised me something") countenance gifted the girl a shudder. She put on any terrible clothes she could embrace around (old black jeans and a woolen grey sweater), and with the undoubtfully scary hairstyle stepped down to the groundfloor.

Queue. Of course. A new receptionist, the tall brunette with big cherry lips, tried to help a newcomer with filling in the form. He didn't seem to be a bright one, but Nathaliia didn't care. Blah, blah - she had to wait. Leaned on the desk and looked ahead. Unintentionally started to listen to the conversation of the brunette with cherry lips and the not world's most enlightened newcomer. She was able to figure the chick's name was Alexandra and the guest was a tennis player. And they decisively entered upon a flirt. Sweet birds' singing was disturbed by the powerful appearence of Nicole. She was packed and ready to go.
- I check out - she announced to Nathii. - NOW! - shouted towards Alexandra.
- Is your husband in that bag? - Nathii pointed on a huge bundle.
- No. My husband has been caught by the police. Apparently, he has also demolished one of the local pubs and got into a fistfight with its owner. He has a lot of debts at this moment and I am not going to help him to pay them.
- So he got arrested? - Nathii asked, but with the eye-angle she noticed George W. Hitler talking to another person, which was covered by his characteristic body shape.
- Yes, but he was cleared of accusements as far as I have been informed.
Nathaliia tried to follow Hitler's movements. She didn't answer.
- How long is that Alexandra Acasuso - Nicole read the badge on receptionist's chest - going to flirt with her Christopher Stoikoudis friend??? - she lurked into check-in form.
-Shhhh-u-t up - Nathaliia laughed and whispered confidentially.
Miss Acasuso looked distracted. Her conversation holder was too much focused on following movements of the line between her breasts to pay attention to anything else. After a while, they started to talk again.
- After all, your husband is unguilty. Haven't you thought of forgiving him? With no money, he cannot gamble. Throw him some dollars from time to time and you're done - Nathii smiled at Nicole.
- For-... what? Forgive? No - Nikki sentenced.
- He's just a young guy - Nathaliia didn't know why she was saying it. She didn't have any particular interests in defending any of young guys, especially so not responsible. But there must have been something touching in the person of a constant life-loser, Tomas Berdshit. - You may call him a loser and asshole, but didn't you know whom you were marrying? You thought you'd change him after the wedding? According to my mom, they never change, and as much as I don't agree with mom in majority of cases just for the sake of it, she seems to be correct at this one. He has got some good feelings for you for sure... maybe you should try to explore them deeper. If you need to take some days off from him and get a mental stability, then maybe you should, but don't cross it out because once you got mad for few hours.
Nicole seemed astonished. She couldn't expect such a sudden talk from a child in a gray woolen sweater and the sleepy eyes.
- Indeed. Tom loves me - she said, without the fire. - Despite all his bad features I know he loves me, I know he could never cheat on me. He's handsome, but not like this kind of guys - she unintentionally pointed with her finger at Hitler's interlocutor.
Nathaliia followed the indicator... finally felt a little twisted in her head. She didn't see mister Hitler. She didn't hear Nicole's words for a while. She saw somebody who could be estimated as more a man than the whole football team. She had madness in her eyes untill she finally closed them and bit her lower lip.
- What's wrong with him? - finally managed to ask.
- Such guys are only in love with themselves. He could never love a girl like you... even a girl like me - Nikki added decently. - Nobody, no one, never. Maybe his mummy. Oh, and the compliments.
- If I go out with him within half an hour, will you forgive Tomas? - the younger chick asked, totally not looking at Nicole.
- Hahahaha, if I see you turning that guy in, of course I will - answered the German supermodel, really astonished.
But Nathii didn't listen. She bounced into the elevator.

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