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First, little Lee wanted to quit for a longggg time. I asked him at least pass the black belt. Now it's done.

Second, the TKD school went through a turmoil last May. My master, a 4th dan and let's call him J (anoyone who's 4th to 6th Dan/level is called master) is a good instructor and very serious in teaching TKD. The problem is, he's not very good in the business end and the number of students shrank over the year and a half during the time we were in the last places. Rent was not paid and as a result, the landlord evicted the school. J rent a room in a church nearby the original school but the church found out they cannot sub-lease. The school was closed over the summer and J had to fix his financial problem and his life. Finally, in October, we were back with a new school name.

A new partner was in the mix. She is the mother of 3 students, let's call her D. The older two already are 3rd dan and the oldest boy (M) was a part time instructor in the old school. (Instructors are those with black belt from 1st - 3rd dan) D provided the money for leasing the new place and J brought in whatever left from the previous school, like the mats, flags, equiments, etc and the students. J was responsible for teaching only.

After a few months, I saw things were not going well between the "partners" and their partnership is deteriorating. Finally, the bomb dropped on the last Tuesday of March. D called that she gave my master her ultimatum and waiting for his reply. I did not go to class that night but I went Wednesday. I was "intercept" in the parking lot of the school by J and he said that D was lying. He said D sent him a letter firing him and blocked him access to the school. He now planned to rent a room in the nearby community center to continue teaching. And the students were following. I said I would think about it.

I continued with class that day and other than little Lee and me, there's only another student. During little Lee's class, I talked with D and she continued her version of what happened and her plan. M is teaching for the time being and she would hire a new instructor.

I went home that night and received an email from J, basically saying he was backstabbed and was surprised. He told everyone the classes were cancelled and new arrangements will be made. Anyway, I didn't commit anything and I went to school again on Thursday night to see if any students showed up. Another family was there for the lesson when I arrived but so as J and his wife. They were there removing whatever their properties (the stuffs I mentioned above) and it was almost done. When I arrived, it seemed to me that it's almost over so I stayed instead of leaving right away. It was embarrassing. Then, J requested to remove his stuff from the office. I sat down in the reception area and talked with M but the talked inside the office heated. It was 20 minutes passed the class so I told M I wouldn't take any class that night and left.

I felt a bit for children with parents divorcing. It's difficult to choose sides as you don't know all the behind the door stories but you know somethings were very wrong. You don't want things to happen like this but you're absolutely powerless to do anything. It's a very difficult decision for me to choose following the master or stay in the school as there are pros and cons in both.

Hubby sensed my disconcerting feelings next morning and said why don't we quit. Actually, this ended up pulling me into 3 directions instead of 2.

Little Lee and I were taught by our master for the last 3 1/2 years and I watched him from a bachelor to a husband and then to a father. There is a bond but I really don't want to go through another period of looking for a permanent site for classes and financial struggling. On the other side, the new partner ran the business side a whole lot better than J and the school will be there for sometime. She has another 18 months on the lease. And little Lee likes M too. M is not bad as an instructor even though he's a teenager. ( I really wish all teenagers are like him, he at least gives me some hope for teenagers after encountering those on this board )

Little Lee does not insist to quit TKD after gaining his black belt and I still like to do the training. But things will be very hard for sometime.
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