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Today, i add the mall, for it's time i start thinking about moving my lazy ass to the shops and start Xmas shopping :p

My brother is always the big problem as everytime i ask him what he'd like to have he's just "i don"t know"...:rolleyes:
It's been the same for 3 years now. Since he works and earns money, and can buy whatever he wants whenever he wants...:ras:
So every year he tells me just a few days before Xmas and i have to go in the overcrowded shops to buy his present.:(

Last week i was amazed because he told he wanted a DVD of 2 stand-up comedians we both like. Good. :woohoo:

But today he asked: "you didn't buy my present yet, did you?"
me: "no. why?" *already knowing what he'd say* :fiery:
him: "cuz i've seen the DVD at my friend's and the show isn't that funny. I don't want it".
me: *took a deep breath* "ok. Then what do you want?"
him: " i don't know".

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :fiery:

"I don't know."
my brother


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Well at least you have a brother to get annoyed with :lol: :hug:

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lmao..... i forgot your brother's's in some corner of my head but i just can't remember it right now :sad:
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