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It was not an easy decision, but short romances never pay back. He blew my mind with the intelligence and the sense of humour. I guess I could have gone after him to wherever. I took an Embassy spot in Africa. Seemed fair enough. Every night that I put my head on the comfortable pillow on the bed with the canopy, every time I was sitting on the art-deco chair in his Embassy and posting replies to his posts on MTF.

Then I realized he has already few wives and ready for everything just like me. Moreover, in the real life they did have.... husbands :eek:. No, too much for me. I asked for a divorce. Yes I am crying. This guy really has something in him. But he already has been told a lot of times about it. Yes I have been assured about the good stuff about myself as well. Still being unsure and left in the middle in this whole situation. Not used to be the v-cheated.

:lol: dramatic story, if I work on it, I might publish it in the thread about attention for the Easties :p

take care Sjengster though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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