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Yeah, I really do. They may be useful and everything, but I hate them from the bottom of my heart. Here's why:

Friday morning it decided not to open my account anymore, I just got my wallpaper, no icons, that was it.
Ok, so dad's account still worked, since he's the main operator or how's it called. But we couldn't get on the internet anymore.

First, the men (you know what they are like) wanted to figure it out themselves before getting help.
So yesterday they were forced to get help. Lol. but the guy who came to help us couldn't find the solution, so they had to format the computer entirely and then it took them 5 hours to find the problem with the internet. And then my dad didn't let me on the computer anymore yesterday evening.

So I'm back, hopefully to stay.

Computers are nothing but trouble.

P.S. yay for Belgium in DC!! :woohoo:
and come on S&M!
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