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2 of my colleagues became uncles the same day, So welcome to life to Maelis and Lunaël, 2 babies girls bron yesterday :baby: :hug:
Another told us 2 days ago that he will become father.. I'm happy for them obviously but like each time, it reminds me how much i'm far from that and how much i'm alone...

In a few minutes, i will leave to visit a good friend of mine who wants to tell me about her brand new boy friend (who's the man of her life according to her) I have a bad feeling about that, i don't know why...

Anyway, i know i will come back depressed, even if i only want her to be happy cause it's a wonderful girl and a great friend, but it's not a question of jealousy, it's only the feeling of loneliness which grows up in this kind of circumstances...
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