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Except watching tennis and livescoring. I have no life during majors. It really annoys my friends :lol:

My sister said Connors looked like ''a bloody woodchopper'' whatever that means. She couldn't explain it so I'm still wondering.

The scoreboard for me has been VERY BAD and so has the tv coverage so there's no point in watching either so I'm writing this. I'm very depressed that I am so bad at all games on here. Though I'm still in in suicide which is a surprise. Half the people in it picked Verdasco, too bad he won :lol: I'm also worried about him playing Roddick. I had to look at the draw just now to see if he actually WAS playing Roddick. I seriously have no idea what's going on this US Open :eek:

:apumpkin: :apumpkin: :apumpkin: :apumpkin: :apumpkin:

Hey!A "collective" comment after reading your entries: I AM reading that.Guess why, among other reasons?Because during grand slams all I do is watch tennis or..follow the scoreboard. Apart from browsing mtf of course..but you are more active than me:you do blog, while I only read;) + You are not alone. I understand very well this numb feeling of emptiness after a tournament. I can't find a right place or activity for weeks. I've been to the first week of RGarros and watching the second part on the tv felt like torture. Lack of (tennis caused)adrenaline or excitement kills!PS: I have no idea what a 'bloody woodchopper' means, but am seriously affraid it considers me as well ;) PS2:Fedex's hair is getting shorter indeed, but Robredo's getting longer evry event for a change...Wouldn't search any special relation between those facts, but if u like it long why don't you watch the catalan babe to even it up a bit?;p
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