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It has been two months since I made those three long reports about the trip to the Netherlands. It is time again to make a new entry! :)

The reason I kept myself away from my blog is that I was busy dealing with my graduation thesis (a huge paper assignment) and other paper assignments which were due on the same date. And, yes! I have handed those in on that due date! :D Now the hard boiled semester is over, and I am having well deserved (at least I think so :p ) holidays.. But, I have got another problem. My computer is broken. Well, it wasn't working right for a long period, but the problem got worse and worse, and at the beginning of my holidays which was the end of February, I decided to get it to be checked out professionally. So, I brought it to the store, where I had bought it. I knew they have a computer service. They kept my computer for a few days, and then I got a phone call from them. They said that the hardware has a problem, and it would cost 1,000 Swiss francs or more to repair it. They suggested me to throw it away and buy a new one... Since I don't know much about the computer stuff, I almost thought about buying a new one and did a good research about a computer that I should buy next time... However, with the help of someone I could trust about computer, I noticed that it should be really clear before I make a decision what exactly the problems are and how much exactly it would cost to repair it. I also had a feeling that they wanted to sell an expensive computer after my throwing the computer away. So, I picked up the broken computer and brought it directly to the store of the maker of the computer which I thought I could trust. (You know, if you have an acer computer, you go to the acer shop, Dell-> Dell shop, Apple-> Apple shop, Toshiba-Toshiba shop,, and so on...) They had there again a professional check and it was last Thursday when I knew how much it would cost altogether to repair it. Luckily it wasn't as expensive as I thought, so I decide to go for repairing instead of buying a new one. I can't wait till I get my computer back!! :D

Well, I have just written some things I actually didn't want to write.. :p Haha, I actually wanted to say that I was too busy to be online plus had problems with the computer at home. Now I am writing from my school... When I get my computer back, I will have more time to get access to the internet and of course to be in MTF and to blog. :)

Take care of your computer. you really don't want it to be broken.. It really hurts your wallet...


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