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I know there were several discussions on this topic already, but read through - you might find it useful for the first time! ;)

How to measure your tennis serve speed? Hand speed gun is expensive and unreliable for the tennis serve speed measurements unless served right towards it (see doppler cosine effect). Professional court rental is expensive too and hard to get. The third choice is an app, but let’s agree that most of them are really bad and calculations are so approximate that it doesn’t even seem to worth trying.

I love tennis and I have quite decent first and second serve, but I was always wondering how it really measures. I looked at above choices and because I’m an IT professional I decided to write my own application that I can use and trust. One year later the “Tennis Serve Tracker” is ready and is available for iOS & Android phones and tablets.

How does it work and why it’s different than everything else on the market right now? It’s using complex video processing and image recognition technologies to recognize court & ball positions during the tennis serve by processing each and every video frame. Having recognitions data these positions are translated into 3D world coordinates and together with video frame timestamp the speed can be calculated with great accuracy. Actual recognition results (court and ball positions) are clearly marked on the video so user can see them. Later you can review and analyze your serves in custom video player with panning and zooming to improve your technique.

There are 2 recognition modes: automatic and manual (court is always recognized to provide the world coordinates information and is highlighted in green). During automatic mode speed is calculated at the moment of serve as in professional tennis. This measure has great accuracy because multiple ball position samples are collected and analyzed (ball will be highlighted in red on the video). If there are not enough ball recognition frames available manual mode can be used (check FAQ page on the web site on how to increase automatic recognition rate).
The app is free to try and see how it works as all functionality is open, except calculated speed results are not available until app upgrade is purchased. It costs as much as a single tennis balls can, but will give you a great tool at your disposal.

If you’re interested visit my web site at for more details, demo video and screenshots and have a great serve!

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