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I'm trying to connect all the dots here. Many were shocked by Merkels latest speech claiming atleast 60 million Germans will suffer from Coronavirus.
Not all experts agree with this statement, some even declare it as ludicrous. So why does Merkel raise the alarm? Is Merkel trying to divert our attention from something else?

Whilst I agree that coronavirus is more dangerous than the Media portrayal, 60 million is still a bit of a stretch. Another worry is Italy's fatality rate, 1016 dead while only 1258 recovered. This could be explained due to aging population.
This is not the worst part sadly. Covid-19 has mutated into two strains, one which appears to be far more aggressive, scientists have said, in a discovery which could hinder attempts to develop a vaccine. Estimated vaccine delivery is early next year if current trials are proven succes.
More bad news comes from Japan involving a citizen who was infected twice in a short period of time, 2nd infection proves more deadly according to scientists.
So the question remains, how will the coronavirus actualy shape our political standing in Europe?

National populism is on the rise in Europe, some great examples would be Alternative for Germany, the Sweden democrats, Italy, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and now Brexit.
All of these parties show similarity in age group, mostly elderly, infact the older you go the bigger gap you will find between opposition when it comes to votes. This relation goes all the way from Brexit to Kosovo across whole Europe.

Lets dig deeper into statistics (Brexit).


After the referendum, the annual British Social Attitudes survey questioned the public on their participation. Interviewing was mainly carried out between July and October 2016 and respondents were subdivided into three age groups (18-34, 35-64 and >65).
The survey revealed that turnout was higher in the older age groups, and was 64%, 80% and 89% respectively.

51,8% Leave - 48,2% Remain

This begs the question: Would Brexit have prevailed had Coronavirus interfered sooner?
Before you answer this question, we should consider Italy's fatality rate when it comes to aging population and Merkels statement which includes 60 million Germans are to be infected.
Furthermore, the vaccine will be avalaible early next year if everything goes according to plan, so the worst is yet to come, not to mention 2nd infection is proven even more deadly.

Here is another question. Will Brexit hold after the Corona sweep?
If we take another look at the statistics, we will see that the next upcoming generation is pro globalism while the older generation is trying to make a last stand.
Many experts believe the last stand is futile, because London the heart of Great Brittain contains only 45% caucasians who form a minority as of now. The birthrate between caucasians doesnt bode well either for the ones who seek to preserve their heritage.

Here is a interesting speech of Verhofstadt's confirming my statisics and even goes as far saying the next generation will return to EU.

To my suprise Germany doesn't collect racial statistics in depth, because that is the best way to fight racism according to a left-wing member, so its impossible to find accurate information, let alone birth rate.
France shares the same view and has banned substancial data regarding birthrate. The most you can find is demographics from the early 2000 up to '13 right before the mass immigration started.
According to Mr Dave a french researcher, he assesses France’s white, or native, birthrate at 1.4 children per woman, compared with a Muslim rate of 3.4 to 4 children, other minorities excluded.
In 2010, 27% of newborns in Metro France had atleast a single foreign-born parent. This is as far as you can go when collecting data on this matter.
Anch National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, responsible for the production and analysis of official statistics in France, 20 per cent of people living in the city of Paris are immigrants and 41.3 per cent of people under 20 have at least one immigrant parent, this data however is outdated.

In 2016, France allowed the first ever mural to be painted below the Eiffel Tower by Cleon Peterson, a Jewish artist.
Followed by a tweet: "I’m extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild and…"

The following painting is at display below Eiffel tower:

At first glance this painting is not that provocative, just a portayal of multiculture in todays society, each to their own I guess. Tho I do wonder why the white characters hands are also not locked onto black chars crotch. Interesting, isnt it? But if you further investigate our Jewish artist, you will come across more paintings with same figures where the black characters murder whites and **** the white females, all coming from the same artist. Shocking to say the least. There are numberous paintings Cleon made that match this theme. I will post the paintings under spoiler because they are graphic. If the mods find them inappropriate then you have my permission to delete them, just bare in mind they are paintings afterall...

I believe Coronavirus will play a huge part in future politics after the dammage is done.

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Italy wonders where European unity had gone. So far only China has come to the rescue.

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Emergency doctors in Italy, the European epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, were this week given guidance on “catastrophe medicine”. As the number of patients requiring intensive care balloons and hospitals run out of intensive care beds, doctors were instructed to “aim to guarantee intensive treatment to patients with the greatest chance of therapeutic success”. With the grim task of selecting patients unlikely to survive, Italy’s health authorities have pleaded with the countries’ friends and allies for emergency supplies. On Thursday, they finally arrived — from Shanghai. The China Eastern flight brought a medical team and 31 tonnes of supplies including ventilators. Beijing’s gesture has reinforced a perceived lack of support from Europe, compounded by a communications blunder by the European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde, who implied on Thursday it was no longer her job to keep Italy in the euro. When Italy asked for urgent medical supplies under a special European crisis mechanism no EU country responded. Fearful of its own shortages, Germany initially banned the export of medical masks and other protective gear. 3M, a producer, said the German restrictions had made it impossible to supply the Italian market. Berlin subsequently relaxed the export rules, but then Austria closed its borders to people arriving from Italy unless they could prove they were virus-free. The rebuffs are nourishing resentment that Italy has been abandoned by its European friends. It is a perception that has taken root over a decade, of a currency union that lacks collective solidarity and stifles growth as Italy confronted migrant flows from Africa and the Middle East. This, in turn, has fuelled the rise of Eurosceptic nationalists such as far-right firebrand Matteo Salvini. “It is back to the future, where Italy is left on its own,” said Nathalie Tocci, director of the Institute for International Affairs in Rome. “It was the case with the eurozone crisis, then the migrant crisis of 2015-16 and now the coronavirus crisis. It is the same old story and the political implications could be massive.”

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Right wing populism was already on the rise.
Thats exactly what I said.

With this pandemic I think you'll see them gain more power.
I do agree RW populism will see further grow, but not because of this pandemic.
The pandemic will mostly inflict a wound on elderly who are the primary voters compared to opposition within same age group.

Here is a interesting speech of Verhofstadt's confirming my statisics and even goes as far saying the next generation will return to EU soon.

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