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I'm probably between 3.0 and 3.5


- can pound a one hand backhand with some power
- forehand is strong and I have control of direction on it if played when I have a bit of time to set up (forehand up the line is my best shot); can go cross-court with it at will.
- can hit a decent dropshot
- can juice up the first serve
- can hit a kick second serve
- ability to hit a federer like shot once a match (maybe due to luck or probability theory heh)
- have heavy groundstrokes with a lot of topspin
- good eye for balls going out
- can go for long rallies in a practice session

- trouble with overheads, sometimes hit sweet, sometimes framed, sometimes in the net, sometimes out of the court into a nearby park.
- don't know where my forehand volley is going when I hit it half the time especially on powerful shots back at me (backhand ones are better)
- slice tends to look like an attempted lob 50% of the time
- can't hit shots on the run very well and usually go into the net or out
- have some problems directing the backhand side and sometimes when I aim for one place it goes somewhere else :p
- 1st serve % is probably 25% if I try and crank it (50% if I take something off)
- prone to double faulting
- can get broken sometimes without opponent playing a decent shot
- approach shots are clueless, no idea when to come to net
- easy to lob me on the rare chance I attack the net
- serving and volleying is something I do best watching on tv rather than attempting

To conclude, it's great fun all the same! :wavey:
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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