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How many people here are rated 4.5 or higher?

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Well______------_____------Also how old to tag on to your rank
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I'm a 5.0.
I'm 7" :angel:
I'm about 5.0 also :)
I'm probably between 3.0 and 3.5


- can pound a one hand backhand with some power
- forehand is strong and I have control of direction on it if played when I have a bit of time to set up (forehand up the line is my best shot); can go cross-court with it at will.
- can hit a decent dropshot
- can juice up the first serve
- can hit a kick second serve
- ability to hit a federer like shot once a match (maybe due to luck or probability theory heh)
- have heavy groundstrokes with a lot of topspin
- good eye for balls going out
- can go for long rallies in a practice session

- trouble with overheads, sometimes hit sweet, sometimes framed, sometimes in the net, sometimes out of the court into a nearby park.
- don't know where my forehand volley is going when I hit it half the time especially on powerful shots back at me (backhand ones are better)
- slice tends to look like an attempted lob 50% of the time
- can't hit shots on the run very well and usually go into the net or out
- have some problems directing the backhand side and sometimes when I aim for one place it goes somewhere else :p
- 1st serve % is probably 25% if I try and crank it (50% if I take something off)
- prone to double faulting
- can get broken sometimes without opponent playing a decent shot
- approach shots are clueless, no idea when to come to net
- easy to lob me on the rare chance I attack the net
- serving and volleying is something I do best watching on tv rather than attempting

To conclude, it's great fun all the same! :wavey:
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95mphsrv said:
This is the internet. We all are multimillionaire Tennis pros with supermodel girlfriends (or boyfriends), driving a different sports car every day.
While sadly I cannot include myself in this group, it might be helpful if the others knew what you were refering to.

Here are the USTA's NTRP guidelines:

To place yourself:

A. Begin with 1.5. Read all categories carefully and then decide which one best describes your present ability level. Be certain that you qualify on all points of all preceding levels as well as those in the level you choose.
B. When rating yourself assume you are playing against a player of the same gender and the same ability.

General Characteristics of Various NTRP Playing Levels
(Wheelchair players please see note below)

You have limited experience and are working primarily on getting the ball in play.

You lack court experience and your strokes need developing. You are familiar with the basic positions for singles and doubles play.

You are learning to judge where the ball is going, although your court coverage is limited. You can sustain a short rally of slow pace with other players of the same ability.

You are fairly consistent when hitting medium-paced shots, but are not comfortable with all strokes and lack execution when trying for directional control, depth, or power. Your most common doubles formation is one-up, one-back.

You have achieved improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, but need to develop depth and variety. You exhibit more aggressive net play, have improved court coverage and are developing teamwork in doubles.

You have dependable strokes, including directional control and depth on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate-paced shots. You can use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success and occasionally force errors when serving. Rallies may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork in doubles is evident.

You have developed your use of power and spin and can handle pace. You have sound footwork, can control depth of shots, and attempt to vary game plan according to your opponents. You can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve. You tend to overhit on difficult shots. Aggressive net play is common in doubles.

You have good shot anticipation and frequently have an outstanding shot or attribute around which a game may be structured. You can regularly hit winners or force errors off of short balls and can put away volleys. You can successfully execute lobs, drop shots, half volleys, overhead smashes, and have good depth and spin on most second serves.

You have mastered power and/or consistency as a major weapon. You can vary strategies and styles of play in a competitive situation and hit dependable shots in a stress situation.

6.0 to 7.0
You have had intensive training for national tournament competition at the junior and collegiate levels and have obtained a sectional and/or national ranking.

You are a world-class player.

There are also some specific guidelines for Elite players (like those who have played in high school/college/etc.). 4:12:22 PM

For what it's worth, I'm rated as a 3.0 but have played 3.5 and 4.0 players and had success against both (singles for the former, doubles for the latter). I'm hoping they'll bump up my rating this fall. :angel:

EDIT to add: At 95mph's request, all I'll say is that I'm approaching 40 and have only been playing seriously for about 3 years. The two seasons I played in HS, eons ago (shhh...with a metal, not composite, racket)....don't count. All-in-all, not too bad for an old lady, I think. :p
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Last time I was rated I was a 3.5, and haven't improved one bit since. I'm too old, and too lazy to get any better, tbh.

DH though, thinks I'm a 10. ;)
and i am 16 years old...
I am a solid 3.5 player, it's tough hopefully someday I can play 4.0 or so.
try to improve shot by shot.. so first the serve. then get an good fh and then bh at the try to improve the volleys. so it worked for me :)
True-If you get a solid first serve in 70% of the time with accuracy run up to the net and your unstoppable at a club level.
Order for learning tennis
2.Volley-Get use to hitting comfortably
3.Groundstrokes-Hit a million balls
Im a 7.0 but instead of tennis i choose to help the poor in Ethiopia.
what country flag is that rducky? Also i don't believe fredrick is a 6.0 at 16 hed be nationally ranked and he didn't state that
95mphsrv said:
what country flag is that rducky?
I dont think any 6.0 would be wasting time on a MTF. I know, I wouldn't if i were.

not by a long shot. maybe a 2.5 or 3.0, but only maybe.
3 - 3.5ifsh but im improving soooo much! thanks to my coach he's REALLY helping me :worship:
i just started playing seriously 3 months ago but i play at least 8 hrs a week, at least 2 with my coach.... I have a killer BH :D and good serve but is not reliable :mad: and i smash my racquet a lot :yawn: I will play HS tennis and hopefully do a decent job :)
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