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How Good is Djokovic!

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As a player and person? Dominating for Serbia in the mixed doubles (playing 2v1) and he's always having a laugh and joking on court.

The man is a legend and I hope he has a big 2008. :yeah:
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He certainly has talent, and he is able to use a portion of that talent consistently. I don't think he is in Federer or Nadal's league yet, though, and it annoys me when people compare him to our current greats. Let him win a few grand slams before we even begin to think that he is in the world number one and two's league. I also find him annoying and more than a little stuck up at times. His impressions are amusing, but brash and offensive. I was especially peeved when his mother claimed he was already better than Federer, after Federer beat him at the U.S. Open.
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