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How far will Tim go in Toronto?

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Honestly, how far do you expect Tim to go in Toronto, after seeing his draw?
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He doesn't have that tough of a draw, compared to some of the other players. :)

I expect him to get at least as far as the quarters, possibly even semis, where he might meet his old friend Lleyton again. :fiery:

He was on fire on the hardcourts earlier this year. I hope he can repeat his excellent perfomance here.


lol, funny signature Go Tim. :D I never noticed it before.
I agree, it doesn't seem like Tim has a really nasty draw this time! I think he'll make it to the semis, as well. There is a possible QF meeting with either A-Rod or Ferrero, but I think (hope!) Tim will get through. Even if he loses, he'll still have done better than last year's result here in Toronto, which is, I guess, a good thing.
As for the semis, it's almost a given that if Tim makes it that far, he'll meet Hewitt...Realistically speaking, I can't expect too much from Tim, because this surface is similar (or the same?) as that of the US Open, which Hewitt won last year, so........
All I can say is: Do your best, and good luck Tim! We're all rooting for you! :) :bounce:
good luck, tim! :bounce: hope u can beat lleyton! :bounce: :D
The draw is posted in the Toronto forum, jennifer. :)
Hey guys! I went to York University on Monday in the evening and watched all of Lleyton Hewitt vs Felix Mantilla, and it was quite a match. I was crazy enough to sit through the rain with my brother. But anyway, I'm sure everyone knows about THE upset of the tournament! Hewitt's gone...
So....what does that mean? It means that if Tim makes it to the semis, he won't have to play Hewitt, who unfortunately owns him!!! I actually felt kinda bad for Lleyton, but good for Tim at the same time...
So...GO TIM GO!!! Here's your chance!! Win a TMS!!! :bounce: :kiss:
I think Tim might go all the way this time! He made it to the semis in 1998, didn't he?
He's got a great chance of making the final now, and once he gets there...anything can happen so Good luck Tim!
:( We were all useless at the predictions I see. Did anybody see his match? How did he play?
Didn't see his match, unfortunately, but he was unhappy about his serve. He wasted 3 matchpoints for crying out loud! :eek: I was so disappointed, but I'm sure he will do better in Cincinatti.
:sad: x a million
I watched the entire match on tv, and OH, it was heartbreaking!! He came soooo close during the tiebreak. THREE MATCHPOINTS!! It doesn't get any closer...And after Nalbandian won set 2, I felt so horrible cause Tim looked so tired and drained afterwards. The poor guy. :(
Tim's serve wasn't quite here today, unfortunately. His first serve percentage wasn't too great, so Nalbandian could attack - and did - Tim's second serve. Umm...what else? Tim came to net a lot, but I think points won at net was only high 50s - low 60s I would guess. There were flashes of Tim's brilliance, but it must have been the sheer heat having an effect on Tim. I mean, it was an oven out there, I would think. But, Nalbandian played a solid game, and I guess we have to give him credit. However, the TSN commentators were saying that both Tim and Nalbanidian were playing smart. It's nice to know that at least Tim's thinking about his shots and doesn't NOT have a strategy of some sort.
Oh, also there was this point during the first set where Tim missed a volley (I think it was a drop shot fom Nalbandian, can't remember) but Tim was pissed, and he blasted a ball right out of Centre Court and got a warning!! Then, after losing the second set, apparently he pointed his racket somewhere, and the commentators said that Tim might've yelled an obscenity, but got no warnings. Whew. Oh and he got I think1 or 2 foot faults. Nalbandian got a few, too...
I feel bad for Tim, though. I mean, with Hewitt out and all...But good luck in Cinci, Tim. We're rootin' for ya!
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:) Thanks for those reports. Yeah, fingers crossed for Cinci, he's drawn Guga I see in the first round!
GUGA in the FIRST round? Oh deary me. Their head-to-head is 2-2 and Guga won the last two times, esp last year at Cinci in the semis. But then again, he wasn't nursing a hip surgery recovery.
Oh...Go Tim!!!!!
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