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After one hour of sleep last night and watching the AO final, I was inspired to write The FedBot 6000 at AO 2006 Final.

Now we all know that Roger isn't a robot - far from it, he's extremely emotional, but he's just learned how to hide it. During today's match, you could see some emotion bubbling away during the first 2 sets, but after he relaxed and became more comfortable, his face seemed to close off, and I thought it was amazing how his game moved up a notch, like a switch had been flipped.

Of course, when he broke down during his speech, it was obvious how everything had been bottled up - the pressure, the past two weeks, the honour of having Rod Laver hand him the trophy - and I found it very moving.

However, that didn't stop me from inventing and writing about the FedBot 6000; just having some lack-of-sleep-induced fun. But I thought I should consult with fellow fans in order to see if I should continue with this endeavour or if I should just go bury myself in a hole right now.

Do you want to see more of the FedBot? Should it have more features? Should it have a MirkaMaintenanceBot for the appropriate care and upkeeping of the sensitive and high-functioning FedBot? Perhaps a ClayBot 3.0 (Spanish version)? Maybe a Bot-ification of the top I'm getting ideas....

I've already had a request from Dirk that the FedBot return for Roland Garros (preferrably in full 'Annihilator' mode). Let me know if there are any instalments you'd like to see and I'll try to incorporate them.
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