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:woohoo: I had not checked my emailbox this week (too busy, too tired :zzz:, and just notice a notary/solicitor (whatever you call it) I wrote to last week wants me to call him for an interview. This is great.

Because this week, everyday I had a letter in my snail mail box saying 'thanks but that won't be possible'.:awww: And school ends in one month, so I have one month to find an internship, have a interview with the director of school for approval, then have to sign the convention... A lot of ppl have found their internships already, so it begins to be a big worry for me. :scared:

Now 2mrw I'll call the man and see if I can see him on Tuesday or Wednesday. It's in a city that is on the line of my train. Less than 30min far from me by train. So not as far as school. :cool: *fingers crossed*

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