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Finally, the day on my way home! After morning dim sum, my sister left for airport as her plane left around 10:30 in the morning while mine was 10:45 at night. Another dim sum lunch with my mother’s aunt and her daughter. She’s actually younger than my mother. Her husband, my mom’s uncle was the youngest of 10 sons while my maternal grandfather was the oldest. And the daughter is born after their other children have grown up. So I have a great uncle whose daughter is about 20 years younger than me. :tape: Anyway, the hotel allowed me to check out as late of 6pm but we left earlier and went to my great aunt’s place (my great uncle passed away already) since my mom stayed there before my sister and I arrived Hong Kong and would stay after we left.

The great thing in Hong Kong’s airport is there’s free wireless internet. The bad news is you need to be close to the free internet service center. The good news is the free internet center is right next to my flight’s gate. The bad news is I left my power supply adaptor in my checked in luggage :banghead: therefore, I can only use my computer with the battery, which I forgot to charge after arriving Hong Kong.

I could hardly eat anything in the plane after all the greasy foods I consumed over the week. Watched 3 more movies half-heartly on the plane. With the tailwind, the flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco is shorter and the plane touched down on a rainy runway smoothly. With a 747, you hardly feel anything during take off or touch down compared to the A320 by US Airway for my connection flights between SFO and PHX. The funniest thing was we actually had a big bump and felt the plane almost flipped a little upon touch down in Phoenix. While a crew member had the gut to announce a smooth landing in Phoenix, the passengers looked at each other and :rolleyes: .

I arrived SFO slightly before 8pm. Yes, I left Hong Kong at 10:45pm on Nov 1 and arrived SFO before 8pm Nov 1. I cleared the custom very shortly but because there was problem with the luggage handling system, it took a long time before I got my luggage bag. By the time I left the internationally terminal, it’s after 9pm. Too late to call anyone to come out, pick me up from the airport, shooting breeze for a few hours and drop me back to the airport. That’s asking for a lot. I could not check in my luggage because my flight was supposed to be on next day and US Airway would not keep customer’s luggage “overnight” in the airport. :rolleyes: When I recognized I really like to have a bed to sleep on, it’s pretty late to find a motel/hotel to stay for a few hours. Right next to the security checkpoint at terminal one, there’s a food court and luckily with one place open overnight. But the best thing is there are tables and power supply. That’s how I spent my whole night, studying Spanish on my computer. :lol: Halfway through the night, I recognized I had to spend an extra hour in the airport. Nov 2nd is the day in North America to turn back the clock from DST. :fiery:

Once the plane landed in Phoenix, I called hubby and surprise :rolleyes: he was still at home. *sigh* Well, by the time I left the plane and collected my luggage, he almost made it to the airport although he didn’t set the cellphone to ring and didn’t feel the vibration of it and missed all three of my calls. Anyway, he finally called because he took the wrong ramp and was in departure level instead of arrival. The thing with terminal 4 of sky harbor airport is the road is designed by morons. There is about 10 feet from where you see the signs for the various lanes for arrival, departure, inside parking and outside parking (for vehicles too high) to the point of no return. So unless you’re familiar with the place, it’s pure luck you pick the right lane, especially for drivers like my hubby who never slowed down to check the signs and pick their lane.

By the time I was home, it’s about 10am Nov 2nd. Last I woke up was 6am, Nov 1st Hong Kong time, i.e. 3pm, Oct 31st in Phoenix. That means, I haven’t gotten horizontal for about 43 hours. Since I could sleep for 24 hours, to hell with adjusting to jet lag, I just fell on my bed and slept.
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