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Yo, my warmest holiday greetings to you all. Happy Christmas, Hannakuh and Kwanza...and anything and everything else you may be celebrating at this time of year :)

I just thought i'd do a update because it's been a while, and frankly, i'm bored as heck. Jack Sparrow will be gracing the TellyBox in an hour or so, so not everything's bad haha. No, i'm kidding. Well, not about the Jack Sparrow bit, because he really IS on soon, but about it being the only good thing right now for me. Not so true. I LOVE this time of year. What with Christmas, New Year and my Birthday all being in the space of one month, i don't really stop smiling.

I had the best birthday, a great Christmas and i'm hoping New Year tops them both. Would be welcomed by all means.

Hope you all have a similarly great holiday season!


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