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If you guys want an update on my 'friends' well, uh, there's not much to say really :lol: I don't really talk to the girl so much anymore. It's wierd because i've known her so long, but i actually feel alot better! :)

I went to a party last night. So much fun, and i will show some of the special people here some photos of it when i get them of my friends camera. It was really cool, and i love the cocktails they had there. Mmmm Black Russian drink was yummy. But i behaved and didn't get drunk :angel:

They played so much good music too, he was a good DJ :yeah: They played Jackson 5 at one point, and everyone went crazy and like every single person started dancing :lol:

I'm looking forward to the next two weeks, Christmas and New years! New Years eve! The first one where i'm eighteen :banana: YEAH BABY. I can do something cool. I think we're going to go see the fireworks by the Thames :hearts: at midnight. That'll be cool. And i have another party tomorrow night, yay. :)

Have i gone on for too long? :awww: OH. One more thing. I ROCK at curling peoples hair. I did my friends last night, before we went out and she looked so hot! WOOT.


Thanks for reading!
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