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:eek: my last entry was about the Mons tournament... that's already months ago, so time for a new one. After Mons there were a few months with less tennis for me, well logical, as it was the off-season. There didn't happen a lot in those months, I went for a holiday to Basel in the end of October, that was rather nice. It was years ago that I went there, so I didn't remember a lot about the city, and as a big Switzerland/tennis/Federer/Chiudinelli-fan it was a must to go there once again. Except for that nothing interesting happened in the past months, except for this month of course. In February is always my first tournament of the year, the Rotterdam tournament. I really like this tournament and love to spend a few days there. I went 5 days, the two qualification days, and the first three days of main draw. Of course I had to like the first day most, as I could meet 'my' Chiudi again. Even while I was ill, and his result was a bit disappointing, I still had a great time this day. He looked even better than before, I am surprised every time again that this is possible.
Also the other days of the tournament I had a great time, I was happy I could meet Kristof Vliegen this tournament. I have been cheering for him since the Ordina Open last year, where I saw almost all his doubles matches. But I never had a chance to ask him something. This tournament I could and he was rather funny, when I asked him if I could take a picture he did go with his hands over his eyes and said "First I have to wake up a bit" so cute :) I only like him more after this tournament. Sadly his first round he played about my other favorite of this tournament, Jarkko Nieminen, and I didn't know whom I had to cheer for. I was sad and happy with the result, nice to see Kristof playing so well, but Jarkko didn't reach a good level at all :(. I had lots of fun during Kristof doubles match, they lost the match, but they seemed to enjoy it a lot, smiling a lot even while they were losing the match. Great doubles team Oli and Kris :yeah:. What made the match extra funny is that I wanted to sit opposite of Kris chair, but my friend wanted to sit opposite the chair of the opponent. So the third friend started to change chairs during the breaks, then a few games next to me, then a few games next to her twin sister. I think people around us must've thought she's mad :lol:

Ah well that's about it, it is only a really short report about what happened there, if I would need to write down all, the report would be too long. I'll see if I can update my blog a bit more often the coming time, but my life is a bit boring lately, so I dunno if there will be something interesting to say. For sure a next update will be in May, when probably my next tournament to visit is :lol:

:wavey: and a :hug: to all of you!

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