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SYDNEY 2000:

Gold - Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Russia
Silver - Tommy Haas, Germany
Bronze - Arnaud Di Pasquale, France


Gold - Andre Agassi, United States
Silver - Sergi Bruguera, Spain
Bronze - Leander Paes, India


Gold - Marc Rosset, Switzerland
Silver - Jordi Arrese, Spain
Bronze - Goran Ivanisevic, Croatia
Bronze - Andrei Cherkasov, Unified Team

SEOUL 1988:

Gold - Miloslav Mecir, Czechoslovakia
Silver - Tim Mayotte, United States
Bronze - Stefan Edberg, Sweden*
Bronze - Brad Gilbert, United States

1928 - 1984:

Not Held

PARIS 1924:

Gold - Vincent Richards, United States
Silver - Henri Cochet, France*
Bronze - Umberto Luigi de Morpurgo, Italy


Gold - Louis Raymond, South Africa
Silver - Ichiya Kumagae, Japan
Bronze - Charles Winslow, South Africa

(Indoor Courts)

Gold - Andre Gobert, France
Silver - Charles Dixon, Great Britain
Bronze - Anthony Wilding, New Zealand*


Gold - Charles Winslow, South Africa
Silver - Harold Kitson, South Africa
Bronze - Oscar Kreuzer, West Germany

(Indoor Courts)

Gold - Arthur Gore, Great Britain
Silver - George Caridia, Great Britain
Bronze - Josiah Ritchie, Great Britain

LONDON 1908:

Gold - Josiah Ritchie, Great Britain
Silver - Otto Froitzheim, West Germany
Bronze - Wilberforce Vaughan Eaves, Great Britain

ATHENS 1906:

Gold - Max Decugis, France
Silver - Maurice Germot, France
Bronze - Zdenek "Jansky" Zemia, Bohemia

ST. LOUIS 1904:

Gold - Beals Wright, United States*
Silver - Robert LeRoy, United States
Bronze - Alonzo Bell, United States
Bronze - Edgar Leonard, United States

PARIS 1900:

Gold - Hugh "Laurie" Doherty, Great Britain*
Silver - Harold Mahony, Great Britain/Ireland
Bronze - Reginald Doherty, Great Britain*
Bronze - A.B.J. Norris, Great Britain

ATHENS 1896:

Gold - John Pius Boland, Great Britain/Ireland
Silver - Dionysios Kasdaglis, Egypt
Bronze - Momcsillo Topavicza, Hungary
Bronze - K. Paspatos, Greece

*Enshrined in the Hall of Fame
Cochet, Henri (4-time French 1926, 28, 30, 32, 2-time Wimbledon 1927, 29, US 1928).
Doherty, Laurie (4-time Wimbledon, 1902-06, US Open 1903)
Doherty, Reginald (3-time Wimbledon 1897-1900)
Edberg, Stefan (2-time Australian 1985, 87, 2-time Wimbledon 1988, 90, 2-time US 1991-92).
Richards, Vinnie (French 1926, Wimbledon Doubles 1924, US Doubles 1918, 21-22, 25-26).
Wilding, Tony (3-time Australian 1906-09, 3-time Wimbledon 1910-13)
Wright, Beals (US Open, 1905)
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Bobby Stardog said:
Okay, who is the guy who won the Silver in 1992, Jordi Arrese?
Lesson time the man formerly known as Tennis Fool.

Jordi Arrese was what is known as a claycourt specialist. He loved the red stuff and was fit as and ran all day, every ball down. He wasn't originally selected, and Carlos Costa who was in very good form that year gave up his place, so Arrese could play in the Games, he set himself solely for this tournament and only to win the gold medal.

It was a tough match, 38 degrees and very high humidity and I have seen on GM, a few descriptions of the Gold medal match and it was a very good match, just national pride.

He is the Spanish Davis Cup captain.
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