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Hi all,

I would like to find odds of previous tennis matches. I had TIP-EX on my favourites but their service is not free anymore.
Thanks for your help,


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Hi guys

Just wanted to bump this thread.

I tried the site which so far seems the best option.

But is there a site other than tennis insight that has a filter for when you search.

Name: Pick a player
Odds range: where you can set from ie. 1.50-2.00 or whatever ranger you want
Surface: filter it by surface

So if i use Federer, priced 1.50-2.00 and on Clay

can a site show me EVERY match whether he won or not on clay in the past 10 years say when Fed-Ex is priced 1.50-2.00?

The site above is useful but does't let you set a price range other than a losing favourite of under 1.60

Any help appreciated.
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