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I'm new here but I've loved tennis forever and I'm also a huge Jesse McCartney fan. I remember on Arthur Ashe Kid's Day, Jesse McCartney was there singing and I thought that was really sweet of him. His new DVD is coming out soon and you can pre-order it at, and for only $12.95 you'll get the DVD and a 3-pack of buttons. Up Close is a look back at Jesse's breakthrough year, with all your favorite videos and tons of never before seen footage. Features include:

Beautiful Soul
She's No You
Because You Live
Good Life
She's No You - Special Performance Video

Beautiful Soul - Sessions @ AOL
She's No You - Sessions @ AOL
What's Your Name - Taiwan TV
Without You - Taiwan TV
Blackbird - Raw and Real Stripped
Stupid Things - Raw and Real Stripped

At the video shoots:
Beautiful Soul
She's No You
Get Your Shine On
On the Beautiful Soul Tour


Anyways, I kind of got off-topic, lol, but umm I've been watching SO many hours of the US Open recently!
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welcome amber :hug:

I have never heard of Jesse McCartney :lol:
Welcome here Amber, have fun!!
welcome amber... u r not that new,ur joining date is just like mine
are you sure you are in the right forum? :lol:

welcome :bigwave:
Gambillfan said:
I have never heard of Jesse McCartney :lol:
same here :lol:
Welcome Amber :wavey:
Gambillfan said:
I have never heard of Jesse McCartney :lol:
Here's a pic of Jesse, he looks familiar but I have never heard of him...

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Hello :D :retard: :bigwave: :smooch:
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