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hey everybody...wazzup?
this is my first entry and i have just thought to introduce myself
Well,im Maddalena and im 15 yrs old turning 16 on march 4th
Im Italian, but from 2 years i live in the USA cuz of my dad's job...but one day i will go back to Italy
Im a sophomore at Danville High School and i play tennis and volleyball(even if it sux lol).I used to play soccer but i had a bad experience,cuz i broke my ACL and meniscus playing it...
I like to hang out with friends,to be crazy,to go to the disco,to talk,to play sports,especially tennis ,and...i love SHOPPING!!!!
I guess im finished now lol
sorry if i have being a bore lol but now u know me
PS:if u wanna know more about me just ask my mail address by sending a private message.
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