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Okay, 24 hour Disney trip, here we go.

Gaby and I left at 22.30 to catch the train to Rotterdam where our bus would be waiting. We were a bit early, but nevermind that. At midnight we went to look for the bus and there it was. The driver was a funny guy. We took the first seats in the bus, more room for our legs LOL. We left 10 minutes late because some people didnt show up on time. After picking up the rest we went on our journey to Paris.

After about 5 hours or so we made a 45 minute stop. Gaby and I went to the restaurant wrapped in our blankets hahaha, it must have looked silly! Then back on the bus to continue the trip. First stop would be in Paris, Place the Nation, to drop off some of the people. They would spend the day in Paris and the rest of us would go on to Disney. We arrived in Paris at 7.15 am. Then on to Disney where we arrived around 8.30 or something. The driver got our tickets and in we went
It had been raining quite a bit, but it wasn't so bad when we got out of the bus.

The minute you walk in that place you go
I just love it there! First stop: Big Thunder Mountain, to get that "wake you up whiiiiiieeeeee" feeling. It's my favourite ride in Disney Paris. There werent that many people around yet so we decided to go in twice! So double WHIIIIIEEEE!!

During the day we walked through the entire park. We got a fast pass to get on Space Mountain. It will be the last time for me on that one. I don't mind the loopings and stuff, but somehow I feel really bad after that ride. It's much worse than Superman the Ride, which has more loopings and goes a lot to be honest, I don't get it really.... We also went to Pirates, It's a small world, Peter Pan (step AWAY from the vehicle!) saw the Princess Parade, did some shopping and ate a mucho yummy chocolate cake!! That one was really great!

I must say Im really proud I didn't buy so much LOL. I got a few thingies including an Aristocat hairband. It's got the cute ears and little pink bow Marie wears. Very sweet.

At 18.15 it was time to go back to the bus and pick up the people in Paris. It was a long day and we were feeling sore all over LOL. We stopped at the same place as the night before and we got some dinner. Or something that had to look like dinner..... it tasted better than it looked!

The driver had switched on the tv and oh dear....there was some guy explaining how to make use of your snowboard and how you could do tricks. He was sooooooooo annoying
and far far away from being funny! After 10 tricks he was finished, thank Lord Carlos, and we got a movie. I missed most because I fell asleep! So it couldnt have been a very good movie then.

Gaby and I got back to Rotterdam at 1.00 am. Okay, so now what? Taxi is expensive....the last train was 10 minutes late...but that would mean we would miss our bus home and had to wait at least another hour... hmm hello mister taxidriver, how much would it cost us? hmmm okay, not that cheap but so worth it! We took the taxi and were home at 1.30 which sounds, and is, a lot better than 4 am!

It was a great trip! Thank you Gaby, I had so much fun
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