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luvbadboys said:
1) Everyone will finally come to the realization that though Roger is talented and a nice guy he suffers from Corretja syndrome i.e. to nice to win. He might get to the semis of Wimby. and win some 1/2 masters.

I agree, but he might just get 1 Masters.

2) Either Guga or JCF will win Roland Garros. They will meat in the finals. Nico and Moya will get to the semis.
What Nico?? If it is Lapentti, I'll appreciate the fact that you at least named it, because he's not having a good moment.

I am sure Juan Carlos will win it next year!

3) Fernando Gonzalez will learn to value of controlled agression and win a masters title and get to the quaters of AO and USO.

He'll improve his performances of this year, that's why I agree, he'll get a Masters, at least 3 normal tournaments, and will do semis of a Grand Slam.

4) Marat will win Wimby beating Goran in the finals (I'd kill for that matchup)

I hope so!! but I don't think that Goran will be his rival.

5) Lleyton will reclaim USO beating Marat in the finals (this would be beyond exciting)

No way! If this happens as you said it, I know that Safin will win it!

6) Lleyton will not win AO though he might get to AO finals. (a) too much pressure at home, (b)does not perform well when the crowd is on his side. Andre will beat lleyton in the finals.

Lleyton will stay in quarters of the AO.

7)James will get to finals of 1/2 masters preferably beating Andy along the way.

Nope, I think that James will win one, and Andy another one, so each tournament for each one.

8) Guga will finally get past the quarters at USO.

I don't think so....

9) Tim will lose in the semis of wimby again.

I'm so sure of that, je je, it's almost like if I'm already watching it.

10) Paradorn will reach a masters final

Very probable.

11) Lleyton and Kim will finally marry so that we get a break from the tabloid stories:rolleyes:

I don't care, anyway, I dislike both, so they can do whatever they want.....

12) Marat will have me as permanent benchwarmer/cheerleader;)

Oh.....come on!:( I wanna be also his permanent cheerleader, je je, why not a team of all of us?? JE je....:p :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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luvbadboys: I agree, Nico also leaps my heart everytime I see him, je je, and I have been very lucky, you know, I'm from Ecuador, his country, and I've met him twice, he's very nice, he has even chatted for a while with me!! He's very kind!
By the way, Gasquet is just 16, Ancic is the one who is 18, anyway, both are very handsome, and with a brilliant future.
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