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Rusedski is ironically good value I reckon, because he is one of the few trully 'bad guys' on the tennis tour. Thanks to his disrespectful words about Sampras at USO- Pistol was inspired to prove Greg and other doubters as pretenders & fools! Then when he left the GB Davis Cup tie against Thailand up to Henmen - Tim showed that he has more national pride & guts than he'd been given credit for~ not easy to beat Paradorn since he found 'The Zone' in 2002. Turning back the clock a few years to 1997 USO final: Rusedski lost a tough 4-setter to Pat Rafter- giving the likeable larrikan AUS's first Grand Slam in 10 years(since Cash at Wimbledon 87). Once again Greg was the perfect villan at an ideal time. Somehow Rusedski always manages to make fellow pro's look relatively humble/thoughtful~ thanks to his rudeness, arrogance, mean spirit, stupidity.. etc. I can only say 'Thanks a million' Greg Rusedski- you've done the tennis world a genuine favour by being such a d***head! Contrasting characters certainly give tennis an added intrigue.
~~2003 C'mon!! Lleyton, Safin, Roddick, Ferrero, Paradorn, Mark P
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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