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Hewitt questions Rusedski's exit

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World number one Lleyton Hewitt has expressed surprise at Greg Rusedski's unavailability for the upcoming Davis Cup match between Australia and Great Britain.
The British number two withdrew from the team to face Australia in the first round in February, citing a foot injury.

But Rusedski is playing in Doha at the beginning of January before deciding whether to enter the Australian Open.

"It is very weird, I struggle to see how a guy can pull out and say he is injured and he is playing in Doha on Monday," Hewitt said.

"I am sure the British people are a little shocked with it all, and I am sure the team is very disappointed," he said.

Hewitt said it would be disappointing for the Sydney fans if Rusedski and Henman were unavailable.


"Potentially it could be a fantastic week of tennis if we have myself and Mark Philippoussis playing against Rusedski and Henman," he said.

Meanwhile, British Davis Cup captain Roger Taylor has refused to be drawn into the debate over the future of Rusedski.

Rusedski's decision has led to speculation that the 29-year-old may have played his last Davis Cup match.

However, Taylor, who is now hoping Henman can recover from a shoulder injury in time for the Australia clash, said he would not make any "rash statements" about Rusedski's future.

"I can't say if this is the end of Greg's Davis Cup career," Taylor said.

"Would I rule him out of future team plans? Of course not. It would be foolish to make rash statements like that.

"You will really now have to ask Greg where he sees his Davis Cup career going. I notice in his statement he says he is unavailable for 'this particular tie'."

Rusedski pulled out of Britain's relegation showdown with Thailand in September, forcing the team to call up British number 14 Miles MacLagan.

"I don't want to put the Davis Cup team in a difficult position by giving them last-minute notice if I had to withdraw," Rusedski said.

"I'm not sure how my foot will react in Doha, let alone the Australian Open. The surgeons warned me that it would take four to six months to recover from the operation.

"I'm going to Doha with a completely open mind, having just got back to training within the last two weeks."

Britain have not won a World Group tie in the competition since 1986 and defeat in Sydney would condemn them to yet another relegation play-off.
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Give him hell, Lleyton! :D :D :D
Hewitt's fat, but entirely correct.
Greg is chickening out cos its on clay :D
Who's going to play for GB then, I think Tim is also doubtful, no?
Greg or not,Aussie r going to win.
I find it a very strange decision from Greg.
I find it a very coward decision from Greg
Rusedski is ironically good value I reckon, because he is one of the few trully 'bad guys' on the tennis tour. Thanks to his disrespectful words about Sampras at USO- Pistol was inspired to prove Greg and other doubters as pretenders & fools! Then when he left the GB Davis Cup tie against Thailand up to Henmen - Tim showed that he has more national pride & guts than he'd been given credit for~ not easy to beat Paradorn since he found 'The Zone' in 2002. Turning back the clock a few years to 1997 USO final: Rusedski lost a tough 4-setter to Pat Rafter- giving the likeable larrikan AUS's first Grand Slam in 10 years(since Cash at Wimbledon 87). Once again Greg was the perfect villan at an ideal time. Somehow Rusedski always manages to make fellow pro's look relatively humble/thoughtful~ thanks to his rudeness, arrogance, mean spirit, stupidity.. etc. I can only say 'Thanks a million' Greg Rusedski- you've done the tennis world a genuine favour by being such a d***head! Contrasting characters certainly give tennis an added intrigue.
~~2003 C'mon!! Lleyton, Safin, Roddick, Ferrero, Paradorn, Mark P
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I don't give a ****! Who doesn't want to smack Greg? hehe
now it's henman's turn to come up with an excuse why he won't play - and believe me he will
My brother says "Mate!" with an attempted Australian accent! :wavey:
Originally posted by warfreakbix
Who's going to play for GB then, I think Tim is also doubtful, no?

For a free ticket down under I will play - I am not very good mind you, but I promise to play my heart out;) .
and they got no Martin Lee, not that he's any good but he's had an Op.

i told the Aussies to play Todd Reid and Ryan Henry and they'd still win 5-0 :D
Alright Mags, now that GB has no players for Davis Cup they will probably resort to drawing straws. Any way we could put your name on the ballot? ;)
warfreakbix said:
Alright Mags, now that GB has no players for Davis Cup they will probably resort to drawing straws. Any way we could put your name on the ballot? ;)
Feel free- I could turn out to be GB's Mikhail Youzhny :D .

Better still I could be joined by Cliff Richards (British celebrity who thinks he can sing and likes to play tennis - sang at Wimbledon a couple of years back during the rain break. Managed to clear the stands of spectators when the rain couldn't :D ). If GB are down 2-0 after the first two rubbers Cliff can break out into song and force the Aussies to pull out due to severe ear ache:p.

If the singing doesn't scare Australia, the jacket certainly will;)
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