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Hewitt or Agassi? who and how might end the year as the Número Uno!

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from ATP website

· Hewitt will finish No. 1 if Agassi fails to reach the semifinals.
· Hewitt will finish No.1 if he makes the final regardless of round robins results.
Hewitt will finish No. 1 if Agassi goes 2-1 in round robin play, but does not win the title - even if Hewitt goes 0-3 in round robin play.

· Agassi could take No.1 if he went 3-0 in round robin play and reached the final, provided Hewitt lost all three round robin matches.
· Agassi could take No.1 if he went 3-0 in round robin play and won the title, provided Hewitt did not reach the final.
· Agassi could take No. 1 if he went 2-1 in round robin play and won the title,
1 - 16 of 16 Posts basically, Hewitt makes the final and/or Agassi goes out before the semis and Lleyton gets #1 for the 2nd consecutive year
I've never thought that I will ever say it but Go Lleyton:eek:
The most funny think is that I like Andre
Oh I forgot.Of course Marat will win this title trashing Hewitt in the final 6-0 6-0 6-1
Hewitt has a 95% chance of finishing #1, so I say he will do it for sure.
After Hewitt's victory and Andre's lose... if me and the Maths aren't wrong, Agassi needs to win the tournament and that Hewitt loses against Moyà and Marat to end the year as No. 1

ergo... Congratulations to Hewitt to finish the year as No 1 again!
Moyá has defeated Hewitt, now the chances of Agassi to finish as number 1 are this:
to win the tournament not losing another match at the RR.
to wait for a Hewitt's defeat against Marat, and that Hewitt doesn't qualify to the semis.

very unlikely
Go Lleyton! YOU CAN DO IT!

We (Aussies) know you can do it.

C'mon Lleyton!

Yeah, I love Tim "Tam"
Hewitt is 108 points ahead right now. If Agassi wins his RR matches, he will get 40 points. If he wins the SF, he will get another 40 points. That is only 80 total, so he HAS to win the tournament to have a shot at #1 as he would then get 130 points total (50 more for winning the final).

Hewitt must win his next RR and then win his SF to ensure that he keeps #1.
Things are obviously looking much easier for Lleyton to end the years as #1. Go Lleyton!

I WAS gonna root for Andre for this tourney, but his actions at Paris versus Moya disgusted me too much...:eek:
Hewitt will get #1by default
both will get knocked out :D
Go Lleyton!..... (I like Andre, and like Marat even more, but I've kinda warmed to Lleyton; and I think he deserves to be #1 at the end of the year.) :D
Congrats Hewitt ;) Now go Thank Ferrero ;)
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