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Looks like Fed isn't the only one who owns the Aussie now :p :tape:

Hewitts' $1m deal
From: From Sydney Confidential
September 29, 2005

Deal ... a pregnant Bec Hewitt watches Lleyton courtside / AP WOMAN'S Day magazine has paid an astronomical $1 million to "own" golden couple Bec and Lleyton Hewitt for one year.

The Australian Consolidated Press title has scooped its higher-selling rival New Idea by securing the deal with the lucrative newlyweds just months before the birth of their first child.
The publishing coup - which will see the gossip mag own the rights to every story about the couple and their baby over the next 12 months - is also a major win for newly hired ACP consultant Jenni Gilbert.

Prior to her short stint as director of communications at Channel 9, Gilbert was editor in chief at New Idea.

It was Gilbert who initiated New Idea's relationship with Hewitt and his then blushing bride-to-be, stitching up a reported $500,000 deal to bag the exclusive rights to their wedding extravaganza earlier this year.

Despite her success, Gilbert was strangely shoved from New Idea in May, but sweet revenge has come in the form of nabbing Australia's No.1 tennis player and his wife for the desperately competitive Woman's Day.

"Bec and Lleyton are not owned by anybody, and I know they sell very well," Gilbert told Confidential yesterday.
"Woman's Day are a slick outfit, and they knew it was a good get to have.

"As their consultant, I said it was a great idea and assisted with a couple of my contacts."

Gilbert wouldn't confirm the reported $1 million fee the Hewitts will pocket from the deal, but let's hope there'll be a swag of kids in a Cambodian orphanage who'll benefit as a result.,10221,16751187-10229,00.html

Ok, ok, so Gilbert claims they aren't being owned... :D I say good for them. I think it's great that Lleyton is getting tennis into the mainstream media, because in Australia it certainly needs some help! :yeah:
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