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OK, more updates.

One...I've formally applied to student teaching in the spring of 2007. I'm enrolled in the last four classes, and I know I can pass them comfortably. I've already met with the student teaching coordinator, and he is optimistic about my chances (well, so am I, but it helps to have someone in your corner). I'm waiting for him to get back with me on my placement.

Two...I took all three sections of the PRAXIS. I feel really good about how I did, but I won't know until October 13 at the very earliest. When I took the pedagogical parts in March, the only reason I did not pass was because I didn't complete everything. This time, I made absolute sure that I answered every question to the best of my ability.

And Three....I'm shopping for some professional clothes for teaching. I'm already in that frame of mind, so why not. Besides, I have extra money to use toward wardrobe improvements/enhancements, etc.

Just stopped by to let you know I'm still alive but not posting in any of the forums. I said that I would be back in the fall, but I realize how demanding my class schedule and work load are right about now, so it will be awhile. Maybe summer of 07 or next fall....I'm not setting a definite time table for my return, but when I do out, world!!!
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