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Its Tuesday or wen, wait its tuesday, i dont even know, all i been doing is studying and sleeping (with a little x-box360 time :rolls: ) I have 1 more final left. History final, should not be that bad, i am pretty sure i can get a A :yeah: then i go HOME :) . I cant wait. ill be home for almost a month, with a little in between time, looking for new place in Springfield MO- Missouri State :) :bounce: it's a little futher away from home than Mizzou, but its better for me :) and my major :yawn:

Tommorow is a big day, my b-day, but i will hold of the partying until i get home, i cant drink tomorrow with the final next day, i guess it will be this way for few years, since my b-day is during finals week. :( but no matter what for 21st 2006 DRINKING no matter how many finals next day :rolls:

thats all

Happy New Years :aparty:
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