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Hi! I'm JBC from Manila. I came across MTF because I was looking for anything on Enric Molina :D
I am a Rafael Nadal fan but I've been hooked on tennis since the days of Steffi Graf and Stefan Edberg. I try to play once in a while.
I often look at the posts in GM and I have to say I sometimes get shocked (by the post/ers there). Fun stuff to read though.
I am glad to find a place where tennis fans all over the world can meet (regardless of who our fave player is).
Hello JBC and welcome to MTF :hug:

Stefan Edberg was my fav ATP player as a kid :) But now its Novak Djokovic :p :p :p Anyway...

Id like to invite you to play MTF Virtual Betting game :angel:

Matches open betting:
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