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Havn't posted in here for a while.

I'm enjoying it over in Adelaide. Found a full time job to get the income coming in and trying to get into cycling. However, depending on what happens by now and the end of the year, I may not be here long. I may move elsewhere.

Had my first incident in Adelaide yesterday. It was a good one and it's actually quite funny looking at it but it's embarassing at the same time too.

My ride yesterday however was not a good one. I was only a few k's in and I was riding fast around the streets.

I forget when it happened but I went around a short corner looking down and someone had pulled up. I looked up and ran in the back of someone's parked car.

What happened was when I hit the car, my wheel went right and the right side of my head and bike hit the car. I don't remember what happened next, it's all scratchy but I remember being on the ground and seeing the guy get out of his car. Next thing I remember was I was in his house sitting down and they were talking to me trying to get an idea if I knew who I was. I remember them taking me to their car to bring me around to a friends place, but I don't remember getting to their car. I was so dazed. It's actually quite embarassing running into a parked car on a bike going around 30km/h.

I had a major headache but the Dr said I was fine and that I should be watched yesterday by my friends in case I suddenly felt drowsy and collapsed or something. But I was not in a good state. My arms were a bit sore and my knee was sore and my neck is a bit sore, but today everything seems to have passed. I do have somewhat of a minor headache, but nothing major. I actually feel the need to get on the bike but I know that's not a wise move.

It could have been worse. The Dr even laughed.

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