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For some odd reason i didn't have to unload the truck this morning which let me and Terry have gossip time cause it was just her and i opening packages. Plenty of conversations about lots of things including James & Markus. It was fun to sit down and gossip with her. i need to ask her tomorrow if she said anything to Markus :lol:

and dear Markus, lol, where to begin :lol: it was like 2pm and we were in the process of getting out of there when he grumbles and tells me that he is going to the bar after this. i laugh. then he adds on 'do you want to come with?' i stop. going to the bar at 2 in the afternoon?! not high on my list of things to do but :shrug: who am i to turn down a guy who finally managed to ask me out :lol:

so we are sitting at one of his fav bars when he tells me that they are changing his position at work for a while and that Josh will be head of the backroom for a while (oh boy are we in trouble! lol) so he won't be working nights with me anymore :sad: have no idea how long it will last though, they are shifting people around due to health problems of some lady i don't know. her position can't be left empty and it sounds like she is going to be out for a while so they are shifting people around.

we sit there for like 5 hours and i drank way too much :lol: his buddies keep calling him, wanting him to come over so finally we leave. we are walking out to his car when suddenly he wraps his arms around me. so like good little drunks we start making out in the parking lot :angel: hehe so we end up at my place and make out some more but those damn friends of his keep calling so finally he leaves :(

he can be really sweet when he wants to and pouts when he doesn't get his way, which is kind of cute :lol: i wish he had stayed longer yet i am tired as hell :yawn: too bad he doesn't work tonight so unless he calls i won't see him till Saturday
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